After lengthy discussions and deliberations, as well as several sleepless nights the Competition Commission emerged the final thirty artists, whose works we shall admire on the Collective Exhibition of the International Painting Competition of the Three Bridges Foundation. The selection was not easy due to the very high level of competition and an enormous (455) number of entries. We sincerely congratulate the lucky finalists and would like to thank all participants, for the interest in the competition. We wish all of you success on your artistic path.

The list of finalists and the titles of qualified works:

1. Andrei Dubinin (Андрей Борисович Дубинин), „Last supper”, oil on canvas, 100sm 2008
2. Siergiej Grynewicz (Sergey Grinevich), ,,Ukrzyżowanie 2”, acrlic, canvas, 150×200, 2013
3. Tetiana Kashkarova, Series “Anabiosis-War-Blossom”, oil, canvas, 50×50, 2014
4. Natalia Pastuszenko, „Charaktery-5”, aouthor’s technique on paper, 30×42, 2014
5. Alesia Skorobogataya, „Dzień”,olej oil on canvas, 120×180, 2013
6. Stanislavas Sugintas, „Evoliution”, paste, oil, canvas, 90x90cm, 2013
7. Iuliia Tsapurak, „Bez tytyłu”, oil on canvas, 73×90, 2015
8. Ермолова Наталья, „Нахлынувшие воспоминания” х/м, 72х56 см, 2014 г.
9. Парафенюк Геннадий, „3”, холст\масло, 90х120
10. Смирнова Александра, „Город, где я. Город, где я?”, холст, акрил, 70×90, 2015
11. Віцецкая Сняжана, „Каляда”, дошка, палатно, алей, 68х135, 2014
12. Евлаков Михаил, „На краю деревни”, бумага, темпера, 40×95, 2014
13. Małgorzata Gorzelewska-Namiota, „Po ziemniaki”, max. 60×100 cm, acrylic on board/ akryl na desce wyciętej w trapez, 2013
14. Paweł Jaskuła, „Autoportret Twórcy”, oil on canvas, 180x130x3cm, 2015
15. Radosław Jastrzębski, „W stodole”, oil on canvas, 100x70cm, 2014
16. Agnieszka Kałużna, Z cyklu “Pomosty”, acrylic, 100×100, 2015
17. Celina Kanunnikava „Dzieci Gułagu. Skąd Przychodzimy Kim Jesteśmy Dokąd Zmierzamy”, acrylic on canvas, 110×160, 2015
18. Anna Róża Kołacka, „Siedem lat nieszczęścia pod znakiem Saturna”, oil on canvas, 150×170, 2015
19. Szymon Kula, „L. w futrze”, oil on canvas, 175×115, 2014
20. Aleksandra Kwiecińska, „Spotkanie 2”, oil and acrylic on canvas, 140cmx150cm, 2015
21. Przemysław Łopaciński, „W tej sytuacji…”, relief papierowy w gablocie, technika mieszana, poliwęglan frezowany, 200x140x11,5cm., 2014
22. Dawid Marszewski, „Sprzedam gruz. Chełmno”, oil on canvas, 100×130, 2014
23. Barbara Niścior, „EQUILIBRIUM”, acrylic, canvas, 60x80cm, 2015
24. Cyryl Polaczek, „Brama”, oil on canvas, 80×65 cm, 2014
25. Marek Rachwalik, “Silnik od komarka przerobiony polskim sposobem na gazową glebogryzarkę”, oil on panel, 70x70cm, 2013
26. Karolina Spyrka, „Autoportret z lilią”, oil on canvas, 200x200cm, 2012
27. Ewelina Szydelko, „Wykluczenie”, oil, 70×100 cm, 2014
28. Sandra Szyra, „Według torów ET22”, oil on canvas, 70×100 cm, 2013
29. Maja Wilchelm, „Horyzont 2”, ink on canvas, 40×30 cm, 2015
30. Agata Wolniewicz, „Portret osobowości – Alicja”, oil on canvas, 100×110 cm, 2015
2. glebogryzarkę”, olej na desce, 70x70cm, 2013

Below you will find all relevant information on the timing of works, the delivery, the place of exhibitions, the Jury, the funding and the date of receipt of the works.
Please confirm acknowledgment and delivery of work within given time by email until the 5th of June,2015, together with the estimated value of ones work.


The exhibition will take place on the 12 of June 2015 at 7 PM, in the Sobański Palace, in the Polish Business Roundtable Club, at Al. Ujazdowskie 13 in Warsaw.


Each of the finalists has the possibility to invite close friends or relatives to this wonderful evening. Invitations in an electronic form will be sent via e-mail to the e-mail addresses indicated by participants.


Works should be delivered between 9-10 June 2015, between 10 AM and 6 AM to the following address: 05-092 Łomianki, ul. Partisan 36. The reception of works will be based on the Protocol of Delivery and Acceptance. In case of sending the work by post or courier – please enclose a completed and signed protocol, which we will send to you by e-mail in advance.


The paintings must be collected in person. There are two mandatory dates. For the three nominated paintings awarded by the Three Bridges Foundation it will take place within a maximum of 7 days (till the 19th of June, 2015). For the remaining works it shall be on the exhibition day, just after the exhibition. The works not collected on time shall become the property of the Foundation.


We kindly request all the finalists to send us by the 5 of June 2015, the estimated value of works, in order to prepare a pricing list. Please send the information to:

The Three Bridges Foundation announces that no margin shall be taken from the sold work of art by the Foundation.


Each of the finalists from abroad will receive a grant from the Three Bridges Foundation in the amount of maxiumum PLN 800 to the cost of travel and accommodation in Warsaw.

Danuta Pepeta – President of the Jury,
Monika Shaded – Curator of Exhibitions (UAP Poznan),
Józef Walczak (UAP Poznan),
Andrzej Bednarczyk (ASP Krakaków),
Zuzan Dynda- Vice-President of the Jury.