The mission of the International Painting Competition of the Three Bridges Foundation is to support and promote the work of talented painters from Poland and abroad, allowing for an expressive forum to showcase works from Poland and Abroad. The competition format is open – which means that all artistic themes and painting techniques are accepted. Also, artists who are citizens of the Polish Republic, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, the Republic of Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia may submit an application. The Competition is open to any person who is 18 years of age or older. Graduation from an Art University is not required nor is it a requirement for the Competition participation.


1. The Competition’s total prize pool is PLN 30 000. There shall be granted three Awards of the Three Bridges Foundation in the amount of PLN 10 000 each. The Jury reserves the right to modify the amount of awards provided that the minimum amount of the prize for each of the three laureates will be PLN 6000.

2. The paintings format cannot exceed 180 x 180 cm with a weight not exceeding 10 kg in order to be qualified. The submitted painting is to be an exclusive work of the author and in his/her sole possession in order to have the right to display it if needed for the Painting Competition.

3. Each participant may submit from 1 to 5 paintings, created in the last three years (2014, 2015 and 2016). If the participant submits one painting consisting of several parts, then the works shall be evaluated together as one single painting.

4. Titles of submitted paintings should be in two languages, ie. In the native language of the participant and in English.

5. The jury consists of 8 people, including 3 experts in the field of painting, and 5 members of the Three Bridges Foundation chosen by the Foundation Board.

6. The procedure of the laureate selection consists of three stages:
The first stage involves the application of the participate the Competition by sending an email to . As “Subject” of the email message please enter: country and the full
name the participant in Polish or English language (eg. Poland, Jan Kowalski). Application participation, mentioned above should consist of:
participant data: (Full Name, Address, Country of Citizenship) for
reproductions of the submitted paintings in JPG (photos parameters: 300 dpi, minimum side 6
cm, the maximum size up to 5 MB ¬ for all 5 paintings); The file with reproductions must in¬
clude: country, surname and name of the author and number referring to the position of re¬ pro¬
duction in the Competition (country_surname_name_01.jpg).
Biography (PDF).
All applications shall be accepted until 16.09.2016. Applications submitted after this deadline shall not be considered.
The second stage involves the selection of nominees to the Three Bridges Foundation Award by the Jury. The granting of nominations shall be on or before 07.10 2016. The list of nominees shall be posted on the Foundation’s website. The number of nominees will amount to a maxi mum of 24 people, whose nominations will be given by experts in the field of painting.
The third stage of the contest involves the selection of the three laureates from nominees.
Announcement of the Competition laureates shall be made on 25th of November 2016 during
the exhibition of nominees and on the Three Bridges Foundation’s website. The award ceremony shall be on 25th of November 2016, after the announcement of the results of the competition.

7. Persons nominated for the Three Bridges Foundation Award shall provide the painting(s) selected by the Jury at their own expense to the place indicated by the Foundation, located in Warsaw, (Address: ul. Jana Sebastiana Bacha 15, 02¬743 Warszawa, Służewski Dom Kultury, in Mokotów District, Warszawa). This painting, properly secured and named/described, should be delivered to the above address on 23 November 2016 in the hours 9.00 am ¬6.00 pm.

8. After the announcement of the winners of the competition, paintings sent by 24 nominated participants will be presented at the exhibition in the gallery “Galeria przy Kozach Służewskiego Domu Kultury” (address: ul. Jana Sebastiana Bacha 15, 02¬743 Warsaw). The exhibition will last until the 8th of January 2017.

9. After the exhibition, the paintings must be collected by the nominated participants or their representatives from the gallery “Galeria przy Kozach Służewskiego Domu Kultury”, located in Mokotów District in Warsaw (address: ul. Jana Sebastian Bacha 15, 02¬743 Warsaw, phone: +48 22 397 72 71) on the 9th of January 2017, between 9.00 am ¬4.00 pm. The Competition Organizer is not responsible for packing nor sending back the painting subject to point 10 below. Paintings not collected within the aforementioned period shall become the property of the Three Bridges Foundation.

10. The Foundation shall be entitled to fund the cost of shipping paintings to the address from which they were sent to the Competition Organizer only if the address is located within a 700 km radius from Warsaw. Participant of the Competition may submit to the Organizer a shipping fund request until November 15, 2016. The amount of Return Shipping funding is a maximum 300 PLN. The Foundation may refuse funding the cost of shipping without explanation. In this case, the participant will be required to collect the painting(s) either in person or through an authorized person. Paintings not collected on the 9th of January 2017 shall become the property of the Foundation.

11. The Organizer of the Competition for the paintings shipment will use the services of three international couriers indicated in “EVENTS ¬ Terms and Conditions of the 2nd International Painting Competition of the Three Bridges Foundation, and Transport.” The Foundation is not responsible for changes in the rates in the price lists of these companies and is not responsible for the damage, destruction, or loss of paintings during their transport.

12. The Foundation is not responsible for the destruction or damage of the paintings during their transportation, as well as during the time when the paintings will be held by the Foundation in connection with the Competition and Exhibition. The Foundation does not insure paintings during the Competition, during the Exhibition, and during Transport.

13. Application for participation in the Painting Competition by sending an email with required attachments set out in point 6 above to the following address:, constitutes acceptance to the Terms and Conditions of the 2nd International Painting Competition of the Three Bridges Foundation and all decisions of the Jury. Publication of the participant’s name on the list of nominees shall be available on the website of the Three Bridges Foundation.

14. Application for participation in the Painting Competition is tantamount to consent to reproduce the work of art free of charge for promotional purposes related to the Painting Competition.

15. Violation of any provision of Terms and Conditions, in particular, failure to provide the paintings on the date specified in point 5 above may result in participant exclusion from the Painting Competition. The Foundation shall immediately inform the participant about the exclusion via e¬mail.

16. The Foundation reserves the right to make amendments to these Terms and Conditions.

17. These Terms and Conditions have been drawn up in three languages (English, Russian and Polish.). If in doubt, the Polish version shall prevail.